Xmas Sales every month?!

I am sure you are busy as we approach the “business” end of the year.


I think it’s amazing how much work is done by one and all, as Christmas approaches. The whole country has an agreed upon target by which we have to get everything done.

Most businesses seem to have a spike in sales and production as we approach December. 

Imagine if we had the Christmas game every month? Imagine how much more you’d get done each year?

I believe if we did this, national productivity would be much higher than it is. We don’t need an annual holiday to make this happen.

I urge you to consider a monthly game your whole company plays, that has a cut off date. You will be surprised how much more will get done. We have implemented this with clients and some have even gone to a weekly game. I’ll leave it up to your imagination…


Also, check with your staff what motivates them to play–it’s not generally money. I’ve seen pizza and half a day off, get amazing production in more than one business!

The Lighter Side of Business:


At this time of year we start thinking about our plans for 2013 and reviewing what we achieved in 2012. We always have plans, but… how much of them do you get DONE?

Often business owners and executives have good plans, the problem is in the execution!

First tip: Any idea put into action is better than just thinking about it.

When talking to entrepreneurs, sometimes I’ll hear “I don’t want to tell anyone my idea in case they steal it”.
Yes, protect your “intellectual property” but… 

Any idea executed–is better than a brilliant idea which is never done!

Some of the best businesses didn’t have the best ideas–they just got good ideas DONE.

Second Tip: Break your plans down into simple targets.

It is very easy to get into amazing dreams of how great it will be, you must do this!

Next, assess how you and your team are going to DO it. Many owners give complex or unclear targets to their staff such as “grow the sales”. Only the brilliant will work out how to do it. You will have much more success if you break it down to a small number of simple, WRITTEN, clear targets. 

Third Tip: Get into action! 

I am sure you have learnt more about business and life when you get your hands dirty. No amount of training will ever develop the skill and know-how one develops when you’ve done it.

Good luck with the end of the year and your planning for next year!

Oisin Grogan


Executive Success




What do Goals have to do with Money – Executive Success Australia

What do goals have to do with money? What does Soccer have to do with Goals?

With more and more financial strife being promoted in the media and other silly financial decisions being taken by governments it is easy to get fixated on money.

YES–we do need money to live in the western world! However it is not an object–it is the results of doing something for someone of value. To do anything at all you must have a purpose…

This applies to an individual and any group.

You must know the goals and purposes of your company to effectively:

1)      Get full staff commitment and productivity.

2)      Know which roles to fill, in what sequence.

3)      Correctly financial plan for growth.

4)      Set priorities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

5)      Create sensible company policy

6)      And more…

You can see that there must be a game, a target, a dream one is working towards. All management and administration and in fact, work, must be aligned in that direction. We feel happy when we know we are making progress to achieving our dreams and we feel unhappy when this is not clear. This applies to all personnel in the company and not just the owners and executives.

The staff need to know where the company is going and given this is a worthwhile objective, will support and contribute greatly in attaining it. They can take pride in doing their part in helping get the job done.

A business is just like an individual it must have an overall guiding purpose or it will not work in unison and will not achieve anything.

I remember vividly the French beat the Brazilian soccer team in the 1998 Soccer World Cup, 3 -0. They did not have the superstar players but were a unified team with set policy. The Brazilians played like a group of brilliant individuals with the purpose to be stars! A team with a clear goal and purpose will always beat a collection of more talented individuals with no group purpose.

Clearing up company goals and purposes with your team can create more cooperation and production than you can imagine. Make sure you have it clear first!

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Oisin Grogan


Executive Success Australia


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