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Recently I was asked what affect the Greek economy will have on a client’s business.  He’d read the newspapers and seen the news and heard all the stories that the Greek economy was going to crash, it would take the Euro with it and in turn the world economy and as part of it the economy in Australia.

Well let’s face it, our economy right now isn’t based on any real measure of production.  We have a paper based economy where the Fed or the Reserve Bank of Australia or whatever central bank is in the charge–make decisions on whether to print more money or not.  It is not based on how much a country produces.

My message would be simple:

  • Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen.  You can’t do a lot about the Greek economy, the world economy or its affect on the Australia market.  What you can do is keep producing, expand your business, provide better and better products and services to your clients, sell more, help more clients and get on with whatever business you are in.
  • The economy collapsing may not be such a bad thing after all.  The current economic system is less than 200 years old.  Before that we traded, we lived and we grew as a race of people.  If the Greek economy collapses – and I doubt it will – people will get back to working hard, producing and focusing on how we can help each other.

Let’s face it, whether Greek, Australian or any other race, help is the basis of how you will succeed in business and in life.

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Oisin Grogan


Executive Success Australia


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