Xmas Sales every month?!

I am sure you are busy as we approach the “business” end of the year.


I think it’s amazing how much work is done by one and all, as Christmas approaches. The whole country has an agreed upon target by which we have to get everything done.

Most businesses seem to have a spike in sales and production as we approach December. 

Imagine if we had the Christmas game every month? Imagine how much more you’d get done each year?

I believe if we did this, national productivity would be much higher than it is. We don’t need an annual holiday to make this happen.

I urge you to consider a monthly game your whole company plays, that has a cut off date. You will be surprised how much more will get done. We have implemented this with clients and some have even gone to a weekly game. I’ll leave it up to your imagination…


Also, check with your staff what motivates them to play–it’s not generally money. I’ve seen pizza and half a day off, get amazing production in more than one business!

The Lighter Side of Business:


At this time of year we start thinking about our plans for 2013 and reviewing what we achieved in 2012. We always have plans, but… how much of them do you get DONE?

Often business owners and executives have good plans, the problem is in the execution!

First tip: Any idea put into action is better than just thinking about it.

When talking to entrepreneurs, sometimes I’ll hear “I don’t want to tell anyone my idea in case they steal it”.
Yes, protect your “intellectual property” but… 

Any idea executed–is better than a brilliant idea which is never done!

Some of the best businesses didn’t have the best ideas–they just got good ideas DONE.

Second Tip: Break your plans down into simple targets.

It is very easy to get into amazing dreams of how great it will be, you must do this!

Next, assess how you and your team are going to DO it. Many owners give complex or unclear targets to their staff such as “grow the sales”. Only the brilliant will work out how to do it. You will have much more success if you break it down to a small number of simple, WRITTEN, clear targets. 

Third Tip: Get into action! 

I am sure you have learnt more about business and life when you get your hands dirty. No amount of training will ever develop the skill and know-how one develops when you’ve done it.

Good luck with the end of the year and your planning for next year!

Oisin Grogan


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What if the Sharemarket collapses? – Executive Success Australia

I was asked recently by a friend what would happen if the share market collapsed.

I asked him why he was really worried and he said that he was concerned that he would lose a lot of money.

There seems to be a lot of people that are scared of what may happen if the share market collapses but I think there are a lot more important things to worry about, and let’s face it a lot more fun things to worry about as well.

Shares and share markets were once created to allow businesses to raise money so they could grow.  This seems a long forgotten thing and they have become something that people use to speculate on as to what shares will go up and what shares will go down.  Share market investors no longer make money from the businesses they represent but instead it’s become a sort of a gamble.

One thing I can assure you is that you could spend your whole life worrying about money and die sad and lonely.  How would you want to be remembered on your tombstone?  As a loved father or mother, husband or wife and loved family member?

A great friend, mentor etc?

Or like this:

Here lies Fred, he was a shareholder….he held shares.

My advice to my friend was simple, the answer is get out there are create something special.  Spend time with your family and your friends, build businesses and create something exciting or something you really think is worthwhile.

Have work hard, have fun and enjoy your time with those you are playing the game with–that is the reward for living…let the share market take care of itself…

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I’m worried about the Greek Economy – Executive Success Australia

Recently I was asked what affect the Greek economy will have on a client’s business.  He’d read the newspapers and seen the news and heard all the stories that the Greek economy was going to crash, it would take the Euro with it and in turn the world economy and as part of it the economy in Australia.

Well let’s face it, our economy right now isn’t based on any real measure of production.  We have a paper based economy where the Fed or the Reserve Bank of Australia or whatever central bank is in the charge–make decisions on whether to print more money or not.  It is not based on how much a country produces.

My message would be simple:

  • Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen.  You can’t do a lot about the Greek economy, the world economy or its affect on the Australia market.  What you can do is keep producing, expand your business, provide better and better products and services to your clients, sell more, help more clients and get on with whatever business you are in.
  • The economy collapsing may not be such a bad thing after all.  The current economic system is less than 200 years old.  Before that we traded, we lived and we grew as a race of people.  If the Greek economy collapses – and I doubt it will – people will get back to working hard, producing and focusing on how we can help each other.

Let’s face it, whether Greek, Australian or any other race, help is the basis of how you will succeed in business and in life.

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What do Goals have to do with Money – Executive Success Australia

What do goals have to do with money? What does Soccer have to do with Goals?

With more and more financial strife being promoted in the media and other silly financial decisions being taken by governments it is easy to get fixated on money.

YES–we do need money to live in the western world! However it is not an object–it is the results of doing something for someone of value. To do anything at all you must have a purpose…

This applies to an individual and any group.

You must know the goals and purposes of your company to effectively:

1)      Get full staff commitment and productivity.

2)      Know which roles to fill, in what sequence.

3)      Correctly financial plan for growth.

4)      Set priorities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

5)      Create sensible company policy

6)      And more…

You can see that there must be a game, a target, a dream one is working towards. All management and administration and in fact, work, must be aligned in that direction. We feel happy when we know we are making progress to achieving our dreams and we feel unhappy when this is not clear. This applies to all personnel in the company and not just the owners and executives.

The staff need to know where the company is going and given this is a worthwhile objective, will support and contribute greatly in attaining it. They can take pride in doing their part in helping get the job done.

A business is just like an individual it must have an overall guiding purpose or it will not work in unison and will not achieve anything.

I remember vividly the French beat the Brazilian soccer team in the 1998 Soccer World Cup, 3 -0. They did not have the superstar players but were a unified team with set policy. The Brazilians played like a group of brilliant individuals with the purpose to be stars! A team with a clear goal and purpose will always beat a collection of more talented individuals with no group purpose.

Clearing up company goals and purposes with your team can create more cooperation and production than you can imagine. Make sure you have it clear first!

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Oisin Grogan


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Clients spending less than they used to? – Executive Success Australia

Clients spending less than they used to?

It is very easy in these times to assume that things are just going bad in the economy and that your company has to ride with it. That’s right—your business is like a leaf in the wind and things will improve when the economy picks up.

A better way to look at it is that you are running a sailing ship. If you find yourself in the middle of a big storm, what would you think of a captain who said “nothing we can do about it, it’s just the weather”! He is forgetting that his navigation is poor. If his crew is not tight and coordinated they will not handle the storm well—some get hurt, others washed overboard and some ships get smashed on the rocks! In a well drilled, well maintained and well managed ship the chances of a big disaster are virtually non-existent—even if they hit a big storm.

Look for yourself

You may have noticed there is a lot of media promotion of how terrible the economy is going. My question is: How much of it is true? Have you looked at your sales or volumes? Are they down that much? Yes, volumes are down in some areas, but does that mean your sales have to go down?!

The real danger in the “global financial crisis” is agreeing to it. The moment you agree that times are tough and there is nothing you can do about it is the moment you become ineffective as an owner or manager. At this point you lay yourself open for a “shipwreck”.

Increasing sales—how to be the life of the party.

Have you ever been to a party and noticed there was a really popular person who was confident and likeable and drew attention? And you sat there thinking I wish I could be like that?

I once observed such a person closely and found one difference: This person could originate communication.


This may sound simple, but look back for yourself—a person or business which can start communicating and keep communicating will be successful.

By using this principle now, you really can take advantage of the doom and gloom, as many of your competitors will stop communicating because they think no one will buy! Or “No one has any money”.

Make your company communicate!

Now is the time to increase the amount of communication that flows from every area of your company.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

-As the boss, call all your best customers and have a chat.

-When your clients pay on time, send them a thank you letter.

-Send out a newsletter.

-Get your sales guys to call in on every customer and see how they are going.

-And so on.

Any way you can get all staff in your business to communicate more will increase your sales and success in the long run. You never know–it may even happen quickly.

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Seven simple steps to a “golden goose”.


Every successful business has a “golden goose”…

Mr Business owner got into business as he had a passion for something. This passion turned into a product or service. People liked it, they bought it, the business grew. As the owner and staff were passionate and liked delivering the product/service people kept buying and telling their friends… The business did very well and made heaps of money too.

Does this sound like your business?

I would like to refer to this as the “Goose that Lays Golden Eggs”

Here’s the problem:

After a while Mr or Mrs business owner get a little bored or decides we must have a “better , new and improved” product, better still we are going in a new direction!

This new product is added to the existing succesful ones and 5 years later the business has no money and is in trouble and “no one knows why”. “We used to have a good business”.


I was talking to a 30 year veteran consultant the other day and the subject of company rescue came up.

Both of us compared stories of salvaging companies where the cause of decline was: the business went off it’s main product line or service–the one which built the business!

He told me a story of a company which lost millions per year because of a new idea (never successful) which was pushed in on their extremely successful and profitable operation.


Entrepreneurs like to start things, they like to create deals, they like a challenge. However can be quite destructive when establishing a long-term stable business. These are built on a specialty, efficiency and unfortunately (for some) doing the same things over and over. If you have a successful product or service–try and put your creativity into making improvements but not major changes!

If you really must start a new product/service line, do it as a new company or venture.

Also, many an owner doesn’t know what is their best product or what makes them the most profit and thus.

I recall a client who had an amazing track record in selling particular lines of stock. One of the best in the game, but at some point he decided to also produce ALL of the products he was selling. This was a massive undertaking and took time and money and distracted him from selling and marketing.

The few successful items he did produce and sell at very high profits were stopped or greatly reduced.

Years later he had cashflow problems, sales problems and on top of that a short supply of his successful items as he had been too busy producing other items.

That little experiment cost him millions and millions of dollars and he didn’t have much fun either!


The last example is my own…

My first business was in commercial cleaning. For the first few years, I pretty much did everything–just cleaning. It was OK but not the thriving business I had in mind.

One day I decided to specialize. I found that people really wanted Thorough Office Cleaning.

I set up the business thereafter to do nothing but that. The marketing was aimed at that, the sales, the quality systems, administration etc.

The business grew by triple in months and kept growing from there until I sold it. It is lots of fun when you do it right and quite painful when done wrong! I have tried both ways!

7 steps to your “Golden Goose”:

  1. Write down why you started your company. What excited you about it (don’t just say money).
  2. What products/services did you deliver? Are you still delivering them now?
  3. Write a list of your products and services now.
  4. Look them over…which really excite you?
  5. Look them over again… which makes you the most profits?
  6. Look them over again…which do your customers want?
  7. Strengthen the things that you love doing, customers want and which make you good money.

If you can get these three factors to meet–you have your golden goose.

Good luck!

Please contact me if you would like any help with this.

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